Health Insurance in Indiana

It seems as though healthcare has become more complex than ever before. There are a variety of different health insurance companies that insure in Indiana alone; Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Unicare, Aetna, Humana One, Kaiser Permanente, Golden Rule, Assurant Health, Celtic Health Net, United Healthcare, and Cigna. Even though there are so many, they all seem to have different stipulations to their plans, for example: most of these companies require you to have a complete physical before they will even consider insuring you, some of these companies require that you only see their doctors (from a list that they have created and put into their network), while other companies will give you the option of what doctor, specialist, or hospital you would like to go to, with the stipulation that you'll pay a higher co-pay. In the crazy world of health insurance, co-pay is what a physician's office or hospital will require you to pay up front, before the remainder of the bill is sent to your insurance company. So keeping all of this information in mind, how could a person possibly think that these insurance companies would create these plans making co-pay so high that people can't even afford to go to the doctor, or hospital? Well it's true; very often this co-pay is so outrageous that the common, everyday person can't afford to pay it. Some people say that health insurance companies run the world, because they determine if we can actually afford to see a doctor, which doctor or hospital to go to, and how much debt we will be left with when it's all over.

On the reverse side of things, without health insurance, know one would ever be able to see a doctor. Also in my experience, I've found that with each health insurance provider, comes a customer service department, most of which are on stand by twenty-four seven ,waiting to assist us with our questions or concerns, and most importantly to keep our claims and explanation of benefits easy to understand. It's the insurance company's job not only to provide us with cost efficient health care, but to maintain an adequate database of records and receipts to keep things a little less stressful for us the patients.

I think the main point that needs to be recognized, is that everyone is trying to work together to improve health care in Indiana.

By: Michelle Boardman