The West Virgina Health insurance plan also known as AccessWV, was created in 2004. It alows all West Virgina residents who qualify to apply for quality health insurance. This plan is offered by the state of West Virgina. The plan specifically provides health care to those residence who have been denied coverage by the private sectors due to medical conditions. It also provides insurance for those who qualify under the Federal Portability Act or under the IRS Health Coverage Tax Ctredit Program.

In January 2009, AccessWV offered a new high deductable plan (plan D) Its premiums are up to twenty five per cent lower than its previous products. This new plan consist of a $4,000 annual medical deductable and a $2,000 pharmacy deductable which are charged on a Plan Year basis.

Other insurance companies includes WVCHIP for children under the age of 18 who’s joint income is up to 200% of the Federal poverty level and do not qualify for Medicaid. These Children must be US citizens and residence of West Virgina, with no health insurance for 6 months and who do not qualify for state employee health insurance.

Coventry Health Care Inc was selected by the state of West Virgina to provide health care for its 35,000 retirees from July 2007. According to this plan, both prescription and medical coverage will be offer (Medicare part D). This includes 24hours nurse lines and selecting ones own provider. Also, social worker support, free health risk assessments, and help for those with serious medical needs.

Medicaid is a State/Federal program that provides financial assistance for medical and long term care service for pregnant women on a low income, children, and individuals with disabilitites, and those in nursing homes. Those who qualify must meet certain requirements.

United Health System, is considered to be the largest health system in West Virgina. It was established in 1996 to assist health care and hospital specialist provide excellent services for the resisidents. It is the second largest employee in the state of Virgina with a total of 7000 employees, providing health care services such as family medicines, transplants, neurological services, cancer screening and so much more.