The State of Washington has many health insurances plans available for its residents. A few of the major health insurance plans are listed below
1. Group Health
2. Regence Blue Shield
3. Premera Blue Cross
4. Washington Basic Health
5. Washington Health Insurance
6. LifeWise Health Plan of Washington (WA)
7. Security Life Insurance
8. The Washington State Health Insurance Pool
Group Health is a large health insurance provider with over 500,000 members and with 41 hospitals contracted as providers, which include almost 9,000 practitioners. Group Health insurance holds contacts with major employers in Washington State such as: Boeing, Microsoft, City of Seattle, US bank, United Airlines, etc.
Regence Blue Shield is a nonprofit health care insurance provider with approximately 3 million members. The Regence Blue Shield gives a nationwide access to hospitals and practitioners, because is accepted in 85% of the US doctors and hospitals. (
Premera Blue Cross, also, is a nonprofit health care provider with approximately 1.3 million members. Premera Blue Cross is accepted at any doctor or hospital in the states of Washington and Alaska. (
Washington Basic Health is a low cost health insurance provider, which is sponsored by Washington State through private health plans. (
Washington Health Insurance provides a variety of health plans to suit the consumers' needs with a particular focus on special needs such as short term health insurance, students insurance, etc. (
LifeWise Health Plan of Washington is a health plan designed for individuals or smaller groups and it has over 1.5 million subscribers. (
Security Life Insurance Company of America offers in the state of Washington an affordable dental insurance coverage. (
The Washington State Health Insurance Pool ( is a high-risk health insurance, that was created under the 1987 Act, to help the residents of Washington State that were rejected before by health insurance provider to get a health insurance coverage.
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