When it comes to being healthy, the state of Utah has some interesting statistics. According to the United Health Organization, Utah is the one of the healthiest states in America. Utah is also cited as having the nation's lowest smoking rate, and also the nation's lowest death by cancer rate as well. The healthcare in Utah receives high marks overall and is listed by one agency as being a 'strong' healthcare system.

Utah also has some impressive statistics regarding the money that is spent on healthcare. Utah has a 12.1 percent expenditure of gross state product; this is 1.2 percent under the state average according to Statehealthfacts.org. The cost of insurance for people who were insured was reported as seventh lowest in the nation by a Families USA/Lewin study. Additionally, Utah has the lowest rate of people admitted to the emergency room for hospitalized patients without insurance.

The healthcare systems in Utah are regarded by some prestigious sources as being some of the best healthcare systems in the nation. One of the systems that are known for their efficiency, quality care, and cutting-edge technology is Intermountain Healthcare. Intermountain Healthcare has 21 hospitals, 142 clinics, 19 urgent care centers, hospice care, 4 Life Flight helicopters, and 3 fix-winged aircraft. Overall, Utah has 44 hospitals, and 22 free standing surgical centers.

Concerning health insurance providers in the state of Utah, there are several different insurance providers from which to choose. Some of these providers are nationally known insurance companies.

Altius Health Plans, a division of Coventry Health Care provides group coverage, individual coverage, and family coverage.
Select Health, which was formerly known as IHC Health Plans, Inc, is known for providing quality care at an affordable price.
Cigna Insurance Co, offers residents of Utah, disability, life, and accident insurance through employers, associations, and other groups.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield has been providing health, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits to Utah residents since 1942.
United Healthcare, which started in 1977, also provides healthcare benefits to people who reside in Utah, and also to people throughout the nation and around the world.