The state of Texas has a wide array of health insurance networks to meet the needs of the states citizens along with large hospital systems that are prevalent in and around Houston, Dallas and covering the western half of the state. Networks of small hospitals refer patients to specialty centers. With the prevalence of the health care industry all major health insurance carriers have a presence in Texas.

The Texas Department of Insurance maintains a website specifically for the purpose of aiding individuals and employers in the search of health insurance. A through site with explanations and links this is a good place to begin when searching for health insurance in Texas. Since one in four Texans is uninsured and only 53% of employers offer health insurance to their employees, there are many Texans in need of health insurance benefits.

The top four health insurance companies offering accident and health insurance in Texas are Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, United Healthcare, Humana, and Aetna in that order. Blue Cross and Blue Shield have just over 25% of the market. These patients have either traditional insurance where they choose their own physician and hospital or a preferred provider organization that offers discounts for choosing physicians and hospitals that are within the network.

PacifiCare leads the Health Maintenance Organizations with 16.9% of persons who have this type of coverage. With a health maintenance organization physicians and hospitals outside the plan are typically not covered leaving the patient to pay of services if they choose a doctor outside of the plan. There are exceptions for emergency care when these physicians and hospitals are not available.

Significant portions of the population use Medicaid and Medicare for health insurance in Texas. Of those covered by Medicaid in Texas about 70% are children. Many of the Medicare and Medicaid programs are administered by the health insurance companies operating on the HMO model. Finding a covered physician or hospital can be difficult with this type of coverage. With a wide variety of options for health insurance Texas leads the nation is persons without healthcare coverage.