Healthcare in Tennessee is a major priority in Tennessee. There are many different insurance companies that are available in this state that includes insuring people that are from a low income family all the way up to upper class families. Unlike some of the other states there are actually insurance companies that are available for very low income families that cannot afford to pay for insurance provided from their company due to the fact that they do not make enough money and are almost considered in the poverty level.

The TennCare program is a branch off of the centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services. TennCare is one of the longest running Medicaid programs in the United States. TennCare assistance is extended through managed care organizations. People that are enrolled in TennCare have their selection of Managed Care carriers. The Bureau of TennCare is in charge of supervising the contracts with the managed care carriers and the long-term care policy. They also are obligated to tend to the cost of the Medicare premiums, deductibles, and the coinsurance for some of the low income Medicare recipients.

BlueCross BlueShield Of Tennessee is one of the most popular choices in Tennessee as far as health insurance companies. According to their company, their goal is all about having better health for individuals. They are working at making physically, financial and community health to be the center of their goal. They are the leading health care insurance providers in the state of Tennessee. They have been accredited by many different establishments to include URAC (accredited health website), Health on the Net Foundation, World Wide Web Health Awards and the Better Business Bureau.

Humana-One provides a wide range of different plans to suit your lifestyle that also includes a large network of doctors. They offer health plan discounts, a cheerful customer care group and access to the members area if you purchase their insurance that offers helpful tips, health plan and medical information, and budget saving suggestions.

Assurant Health insurance is a flexible insurance company that offers insurance to those that may only need it for a temporary amount of time of up to six months or permanent insurance that is beyond a six-month period of time. You can go to the website and select an individual plan that will suit your needs to include deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and coinsurances. It is a very user friendly website and has reasonable prices. In addition, they have been in business for more than 110 years.