When you start working and earn money, it is imperative for you to buy a health insurance policy to safeguard your money upon diagnosis of critical illness or dreaded disease later on. One of the companies offering health insurance in South Carolina is Aetna where you can check online for the various health plans and policies. Aetna offers the largest selection of health insurance plans where you can compare policies and benefits to find the best match. You can get a free quote plus doing safe and secure online application.

Lump Sum Payment

Upon diagnosis of critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, etc, you can get a lump sum payment that is guaranteed upon getting your insurance policy. There are also various ways to pay – either monthly payment or yearly payment which is cheaper. You can pay by credit card for the monthly premium and earn points.

Other Health Insurance Company

The other health insurance company in South Carolina is Humana where thousands of people are insured here. Humana South Carolina Health Insurance Plans can be applied online like Aetna at the convenience of the keyboard and mouse clicks. Typically, the younger you apply for a health insurance policy, the cheaper is the premium. There is less overload on being overweight, obese or if you smoke. People with dangerous careers like mining, construction service tend to pay more for their insurance premiums compare to those with safer jobs like working at home or in the office.

Protects your Money

By buying at least one health policy, it will protect your money from depleting fast because the money pooled together from the various insurers are used to pay for your medical and hospital bills when you are admitted. This way, you can save thousands of dollars from hospital bills alone where the insurance company will bear the full costs depending on your type of policy and sum assured. Also when you are unable to work anymore due to motor accidents, or the discovery of dreaded disease, you can claim the lump sum assured that is guaranteed to you.