Currently in Oregon there are two options for Health Care. A resident can be privately insured through his or her place of work or as a private individual, or a resident can be covered by the once progressive Oregon Health Plan (OHP), which was intended to make more coverage available to those who could not afford it. In 2008, the OHP, after closing enrollment for a period of several years, began to run a new system which was based on a lottery for available places. But the applicants for these places in the plan far outnumbered the places themselves. However, in 2009, Oregon lawmakers began looking at a series of bills which would develop a more comprehensive health care system — one that would cover an additional tens of thousands of residents.

The Oregon Insurance Division regulates health insurance sold in the state, and, as well, can be given complaints about any disputes with insurance companies. Their website lists the following companies as providing coverage in Oregon, noting that those with an asterisk (*) after their names are �Oregon Domestic Companies�.

� Time Insurance Company
� Health Net Health Plan of Oregon*
� John Alden Life Insurance Company
� Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest*
� Lifewise Health Plan of Oregon*
� Mennonite Mutual Aid Association
� ODS Health Plan*
� Pacificare of Oregon*
� PacificSource Health Plans (Pacific Hospital Association)*
� Preferred Health Plan, Inc.*
� Providence Health Plan*
� Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon*

Of these, Kaiser Foundation is listed in the top 50 health plans in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. The ranking is given based on customer surveys and its �success in preventing and treating illness�. The plan scored 85.3 out of a possible 100 points. By comparison, PacifiCare of Oregon received a ranking of 154, with a score of 81.5, Providence Health Plans - Oregon received a ranking of 222 with a score 68.5, and ODS HealthPlans received a ranking of 232, with a score of 66.0. No other Oregon health care plans were given rankings by the news organization.