Health Insurance carriers are plentiful in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has twenty eight health insurance providers with plans that cover 82% of Oklahoma’s citizens. Oklahoma also ranks high in funding available for the uninsured. The Oklahoma state legislature recently passed a bill aimed at covering 100% of the population through private health plans. For these reasons there are many health insurance options in Oklahoma.

There are several things to know about health insurance in Oklahoma. First of all, Oklahoma, like most other states allows medical underwriting. This means an insurance carrier will look at your medical history and may exclude or limit coverage for preexisting conditions for a period of time or not cover these conditions at all. Since Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are not allowed to do this there are no HMOs offering individual plans in Oklahoma at this time.

In Oklahoma small groups are guaranteed. This means that groups between 2 and 50 members in size cannot be denied coverage based on the health of the group or the health of any member of the group. However an insurance company can exclude paying benefits for treatment of a preexisting condition for up to 12 months. While insurance companies can charge higher rates to those groups with a poor health history, the rate may not exceed 125% of the standard rate.

A high risk pool exists for those who cannot get health insurance in Oklahoma. You must first be rejected by at least two health insurance companies, you must be a resident of Oklahoma for at least one year, and you must not be in prison or a drug or alcohol rehab facility. The premium you will pay for insurance from the high risk pool is capped at 150% of the standard insurance rate.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the agency overseeing Oklahoma’s Medicaid program. There is a Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program to help senior citizens navigate the maze of their healthcare options. Both of these agencies combined with programs for those with private health insurance have combined to improve the health of Oklahomans state wide.