A primary option for New Yorkers looking for health insurance outside of work would be to contact an insurance provider directly. As we all know, this may not always work. Many factors affect your ability to obtain adequate health insurance and, once you obtain it, what types of premiums you’ll have to pay becomes a factor. Maybe your employer won’t offer you a plan that can be extended to your immediate family members. Maybe you make too much to qualify for New York Medicaid, or have a pre-existing condition that precludes you from coverage. There may be health benefits available for you that are similar to Cobra insurance, as many larger corporations are beginning to provide a host of options meant to scale back the amount that they have to spend on health coverage plans.

You should know that residents of New York, by law, should not be turned down from the purchase of individual health care policies, regardless of any existing health conditions. However, implementation of this law is broad at best. In any case, it is what is known as a guaranteed issue. You’re also not supposed to be charged a higher rate due to any conditions you may have. Community rating is the term for this.

As a resource to you when researching and selecting insurance agencies, the New York Consumer Guide to Health Insurers provides valuable information concerning the wide selection of health insurance plans and HMO’s available to those living in New York. Take a look at this guide to see if there are programs which fit your needs.

Did you know that New Yorkers pay up to 24% more for health care coverage than the national average? It’s a trend that isn’t getting better, and has the majority of Americans, not just New Yorkers in a financial and emotional bind. Additionally, from 2002 to 2007, health care copays in New York rose four times faster than earnings. The rates for New York health insurance vary from one insurance company to another. It would do you well to compare multiple health insurance agencies, like New York Medicaid, First Health Services Care, Chile Health Plus, and Family Health Plus before selecting any particular health care policy.