Medical underwriting is allowed in the state of New Hampshire. The result is that the cost of health insurance can be dependent on the status of your health. Even if there are no pre-existing medical issue, New Hampshire insurance companies have the right to review medical records for the three months prior to coverage and if there are existing conditions the insurance company can go back as far as nine months.

Group and Small Business Insurance
Companies with 2-25 Employees

Under New Hampshire law coverage can not be denied due to existing conditions but with the ability to underwrite the rates will vary up to 25% depending on work industry, age, geographical location and health status.

According to 2006 the average monthly rate for an individual was 377.00 per month and approximately 989.00 monthly for a family plan.

Cobra Coverage:

The Consolidate Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1995 is in effect in New Hampshire and requires businesses with 20 or more employees offer the continuation of coverage after the loss of employment due to loss of job, death, work reduction or divorce for a specified length of time.


Low to modest income families may be eligible for state assistance that can be subsidized or free of cost depending on household income. There are also specific programs to assist pregnant women, families with children, those with disabilities and the elderly,

High Risk Pools

The New Hampshire Health Plan is a plan offered by the state and is strictly geared to the high risk portion of the New Hampshire population.

If you meet various requirements that include being offered coverage by an insurance company at a rate higher than the rate offered by the pool, if you suffer from excluded health conditions or as a dependent of someone already in the pool.

Healthy Kids Program

The Healthy Kids Program is offered to New Hampshire residents up to age nineteen whose household income is up to 400% of the level set for poverty by the federal government.

The Following is an alphabetical list of companies in New Hampshire: