The state of Nebraska has five major health care providers: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, Cigna and Wellpoint which also operates under Blue Cross and United Healthcare. Nebraska has a minimum of sixty-five hospitals throughout the state that provide patient care and surgical services to its clientele. Nebraska also offers a “Price Point System” wherein patients are able to compare the cost of a specific procedure at several different hospitals within the state at once with just the click of a mouse. All of the five major insurance providers offer HMOs, PPOs and POS coverage as well as dental, vision and pharmacy coverage to its members.

Unlike many other states, Nebraska has few laws that regulate individual health insurance policy rates. Insurance carriers that offer individual health plans can evaluate an applicant’s past and current medical conditions and either choose to limit the medical coverage offered to a prospective insured or the insurance provider might opt to amend the health insurance policy to clearly exclude certain pre-existing conditions. Insurers are not prohibited from “looking back” (Note: There is no specified time period as honored by other states to limit the impact of previous medical conditions on an applicants ability to receive full coverage) into an applicant’s past medical history in order to exclude coverage for previous medical conditions, many of which will have no bearing on current medical health of the applicant. Since the health insurance market is largely unregulated in the state of Nebraska, monthly cost to the consumer can be prohibitive, except under HIPPA regulations.

The downside of health insurance coverage in Nebraska is that insurance providers can limit health policies based on a review of your medical records and determine that you should have received treatment and therefore not offer coverage for that specific condition or these prior conditions can be added to the policy as a rider to the policy and exclude them from coverage.

In summary, all Nebraska health care policies are automatically renewable. Policies can be renewed regardless of current medical conditions or age. But these risk factors also ensure higher premium.