Health Insurance in Mississippi - MS

Mississippi has an array of health programs that cover services such as health programs that offer screenings, supplemental infant nutrition as well as dental care. There are also other programs that are available to the Mississippi population like family planning, senior health, disease prevention, immunization and nutrition. Information is readily available online or through Mississippi State Health Services.

Mississippi also provides many fine hospital systems throughout the state that offer high quality, cutting edge medical services. Because there are many small and rural towns in Mississippi, hospitals and medical centers have been able to expand the audience they can treat by setting up outreach centers. These outreach center are then able to give patients that do not live close to a major city or hospital the best quality health care for a comparative price by being affiliated with the main and primary larger hospital.

Insurance companies that offer health insurance coverage in Mississippi are:
Aetna: Aetna supplies many different policies with a wide range of coverage options to the Mississippi resident. One Aetna plan offers a $5000 high dollar deductible but allows $25.00 co-pay for regular physician office visits. Aetna offers their customers access to online customer service, claim status and ID cards as well as appeal information for claims.
Celtic Ins. Company: Celtic Ins. offers many types of health plans with their Short term, Long term and HAS coverage. All plans have PHCS access and $7 million lifetime maximum as well as a $200 annual lab benefit. They limit or exclude pre-existing conditions.
Coventry Health & Life Ins. Co.: Coventry health insurance group plans are offered as PPO plans and consumer-directed options with a wide range of deductible amounts and PSA choices. Coventry also offers individual plans and coverage for Medicare beneficiaries. Their service coverage includes over 4,700 hospitals and 490,000 doctors and specialists nationwide.
Golden Rule: United HealthCare offers health insurance policies that are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. GoldenRule/United HealthCare has health providers available in all 50 states with coverage available at 4800 hospitals and over 560,000 physicians. Coverage is available for qualified children until they are married or turn 26.