Home to the world famous Mayo Clinic, Minnesota has a fully developed, modern hospital system that is second to none. Major hospital providers serve the entire state from the Twin Cities, Rochester and Duluth to small towns and rural areas. An active Minnesota Hospital Association recognizes excellence and quality in health care with awards every year, honoring innovation in patient care; the promotion of careers in medical care; practices that benefit the communities in which hospitals work; and individual achievement.

Widely available health insurance means that all Minnesotans can access this extensive hospital and clinic network. The major health insurers in the state are Medica, HealthPartners, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Assurant/Fortis and Preferred One. These insurers collectively offer a full complement of plans: Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organization plans, and plans linked to Health Saving Accounts. Plan type is varied as well. Single individual or family coverage plans are attractive to some. Others will insure themselves through work and the insurance companies offer plans for large businesses down to those with two to 50 employees. Sometimes, a worker will need insurance just to bridge a gap between jobs or other temporary interruptions in coverage: short term policies that last just a few months can fill that need. Student, Medicare supplemental, and dental insurance policies are also offered in the state of Minnesota.

Since the 1990s, the state has had a plan in place for those who cannot otherwise qualify for commercial health insurance. Called Minnesota Care, the plan permits those who have no other access to health insurance to enroll, choose a plan, and pay a subsidized premium. Eligibility requirements apply, but preexisting conditions are not a disqualification.

Recent Minnesota law allows dependents to be covered on their parents’ policies up until the age of 25 even if the dependents are not enrolled in school. This important change in the law makes it easier for families to keep everyone insured on one policy as long as possible. The law also specifies that dependents with certain disabilities can be insured on the family policy indefinitely.

Health insurance in Minnesota is available for nearly every individual and family.