Maine is one of the most beautiful states in the nation, and is considered by many to be one of the top choices when it comes to raising a family. Southern Maine, in particular, has some of the best school systems in the country, and Portland is a city that is quickly becoming known as one of the most vibrant in the country in terms of arts and entertainment. Thankfully, such a wonderful area also happens to have excellent healthcare options.

Portland, ME is generally considered to be the hub of activity in Maine, and it is no surprise that the majority of Maine’s best healthcare facilities are located in and around the city. Hospitals such as Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital see thousands of patients each year, and are comprised by some of the most talented and professional doctors in the country. Many of the people who live in other parts of the state will travel to Portland if they have to see a specialist or go to the hospital, if only because the healthcare is of such high quality.

There are basically two insurance companies that provide health insurance to the majority of Maine residents. The first of these is Harvard Pilgram. Harvard Pilgram has been around for a number of years and is generally thought to have an excellent track record by most people’s standards. Although the premiums from HP can tend to be a bit steep, the coverage is excellent, as just about any medical service you can think of is covered for a minimal co-pay. All in all, Harvard Pilgram is an excellent choice for an insurance company in Maine.

The other insurance company that is widely used is Aetna. Aetna has been around for slightly less time than Harvard Pilgram, however this should not deter anyone from signing up for one of their plans, as they are a very well respected insurance company. Depending on the plan, their premiums tend to be a bit less expensive than Harvard Pilgram, which makes them a good choice for someone who is trying to save money.