Choice abounds for health insurance in Louisiana. This article compares two companies, Humana and Assurant health insurance companies. These two offer special benefits, which warrant in-depth treatment.

Humana Health Insurance, one of the largest publicly traded health benefit companies, has over 7 million members in 15 states and Puerto Rico, giving the company the power to provide many cost-saving benefits to consumers. Both traditional and internet-based plans are available. Humana specializes in Dental, Life and Disability insurance along with coordinated health insurance coverage to employer groups, companies of all sizes, government-sponsored plans and individuals. Small businesses may choose from a wide array of health care plans.

HumanaOne is Humana's individual insurance offering, for people not covered by an employer's plan, providing many of the cost saving benefits of group plans. HumanaOne offers a minimum of paperwork, offer a wide variety of annual deductibles (from $500 to $5000), the right to choose your doctors from a large network of healthcare providers, pharmacy coverage without deductible payment, flat co-payment for office visits, and an available $5 million lifetime benefit. HumanaOne benefits also include preventive care and psychiatric benefits.

Assurant Health, formerly known as Fortis, offers a variety of individual and group health insurance products. Assurant features student insurance, which means your covered children remain covered until they marry or are no longer dependent on you for financial support. Assurant offers individual medical insurance coverage to people who have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a feature rarely seen in the personal health insurance industry. Qualified applicants receive a Condition Specific Deductible plan, with access to discounts for any RA claims. RA patients may also receive discounts on newer drugs, with potentially great savings on monthly drug bills.

Assurant guarantees your rate for the initial 3 years, no daily rate limit on ICU care, and provides a lifetime benefit of $8 million. You never need a referral to see a specialist, you visit the doctors you choose and the hospitals you prefer. If you move to another state, your Assurant policy goes with you.

In addition, Assurant gives their customers a 10% discount for staying healthy.