Iowa is listed as the 15th healthiest state in the United States, according to the United Health Foundation, though it's ratio of doctors to population is quite low, about 1/1000. Currently in Iowa, there are three options for Health Care. A resident can be privately insured through his or her place of work or as a private individual (about 91.3% of the population currently falls in this category), or a resident can be covered through Medical Assistance/Medicaid and Hawk-I, which are intended to make more coverage available to those who could not afford it, or, finally, for those who are unable to get health care at all, there is a network of state assistance programs and low cost community health clinics.

The Iowa Insurance Division regulates health insurance sold in the state, and, as well, can be given complaints about insurance companies' practices in the state. They can provide a comprehensive list of eligible insurance companies if contacted by phone or online.

The following companies were rated by U.S. News & World Report. (The ranking was given based on customer surveys and the plans "success in preventing and treating illness".) Overall the scores were quite high for the state of Iowa.

Health Alliance Medical Plans (HMO/POS) is listed as number 34, so ranks within the top 50 best health plans in the United States. The plan scored 86.3 points out of a possible 100. By comparison, Wellmark Health Plan of Iowa (HMO/POS) received a ranking of 52, with a score of 85.0, Medical Associates Health Plan (HMO/POS) received a ranking of 66 with a score 84.2, UnitedHealthcare Plan of the River Valley (HMO) and UnitedHealthcare Services of the River Valley (HMO) received a ranking of 73, with a score of 83.9, Sanford Health Plan (HMO) received a ranking of 107 with a score 82.7, Coventry Health Care of Iowa (HMO/POS) received a ranking of 133 with a score 82.1, and UnitedHealthcare of the Midlands (HMO/POS) received a ranking of 137 with a score 82.0. No other Iowa health care plans were given rankings or reported upon by the news organization.