Idaho is a sparsely populated state. With only a few large cities, the demographical locations of Idaho’s population are scattered among small towns and mountain communities. Health care is good, but major issues are typical dealt with by the largest regional hospital in the area.
Idaho has both public and private healthcare systems. While nearly 1/4 of all Idaho citizens received some form of public health assistance, Idaho has a limited public health care system when compared to many states. Idaho public assistance provides an "access card" that helps families purchase private healthcare insurance. Idaho also provides welfare and Medicaid to those who meet the requirements, especially for children in need.
Idaho has strict policies regarding private health insurance, especially when dealing with individual health plans. A person may be turned down for individual health insurance in Idaho if their quality of health disqualifies them. If they are turned down for an individual plan, such persons may reapply for a high risk reinsurance pool plan (HRP) to obtain coverage. Idaho requires private insurance companies to cover many benefits such as mammograms in basic coverage plans. Idaho does not allows an insurance company to cancel an individual's coverage if they become sick, though premiums are not guaranteed and may change due to age, health, family status, gender, smoking habits and physical condition.

There are ten insurance companies licensed to sell private health care plans in the state of Idaho.
They are:

Aetna Life Insurance Company- One of the largest private health insurance companies in America.

American Republic Insurance Company- Is mainly a Life Insurance Company, which also provides health care plans. ARI has had a great deal of consumer complaints against the company when compared to other health care providers in ID.

Primary Health Networks Inc- Is a subsidiary of pacific Source Health plans. PHN provides customers access to Idaho’s largest private physician's network.

Blue Cross of Idaho- Blue Cross and Blue Shield are the largest insurance companies in the Pacific Northwest.

John Alden Life Insurance Company- Is a subsidiary of Time Insurance Company.

MegaLife and Health Insurance- Has extensive consumer complaints in Idaho when compared to other insurance companies.

Pacific Source Health Plans- Is one of the larger insurance companies in Idaho with several subsidiary companies.

Regence Blue Shield- Works in conjunction with Blue Cross as the largest health care provider in the Pacific Northwest.

Time Insurance Company- A large insurance company in Idaho, covering health, life and auto.

World Insurance Company- Provides health, life and home insurance in several states.