Georgia has tried to provide better health care for everyone. Health insurance in Georgia consists of two programs, fee-based medical Insurance, and need-based assistance for the uninsured. This is due to the fact that a large part of the population is uninsured. Some people qualify for Medicaid, but others may make too much to qualify for Medicaid but can’t afford insurance.

The Georgia Department of Community Health instituted a program called “Assistance for the Uninsured” designed to help people who are uninsured to obtain quality health care. Some of the programs include; Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids, Georgia Free Clinic Network, and Together Rx Access� Program that provides prescription assistance to the uninsured.

Assistance Programs:


Medical assistance program for low-income families. Must qualify based on income and resources.

PeachCare for Kids

Programs for children whose parents are low- income but don't qualify for Medicaid. The parent pays $10-$35 per month per child over the age of 5 yrs. Coverage continues until their 19th birthday.

The Georgia Cancer Coalition

Offers free breast and cervical cancer screenings for uninsured women with incomes below 200% of the poverty level.

Georgia Hospitals owned by the Adventist Health Systems

Emory-Adventist Hospital
Gordon Hospital
Anchor Hospital
Archibald Medical Center

Insurance Companies covering Georgia:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA
Customer review: 4 stars for customer service, 4 stars for doctor selection, and 3 stars for benefit coverage. Average based on 7 reviews.

Humana One
Customer reviews: Overall 5 star rating- 5 star customer service, 5 star doctor selection, and 5 star benefit coverage. Based on 2 reviews..

Allchoice Insurance
Low cost health insurance in Georgia.
Service helps customers find health care providers in their area.

Kaiser Permanente GA
Plans include; Now Plus Plans cover doctor visits and prescriptions before deductable. Now Plans coverage without prescription, Balance Plans, and HAS plans.

Georgia Health Insurance:
Plans include; Short-term Health Insurance, Student Health Insurance, and Family Medical Insurance.
Georgia Health Insurance & the Cancer Coalition
GA Health Insurance Choices for Children

United Healthcare
Health Plan Coverage, Student Coverage, Medicare Coverage and Medicaid Coverage, Short-term Coverage to fill the gaps between coverage, and Health Cost Savings Account.

Aetna Health Insurance
Plans include; Individual Health, Family Health, Short Term, Student Health, and Dental Plans.