Health insurance in Florida is a competitive market. Being that Florida has a large population the insurance markets are driven to the state because of the demand for health insurance by its residence. This brings competition to the market, choice for the consumer and because of the competition it may drive prices down for health insurance purchasers.

Smaller less known insurance carriers may have a difficult time breaking into the market because of the well known reputable carriers such as Aetna, Humana or United Healthcare. Smaller insurance companies may have much to offer in terms of customer service, up to date technology and user friendly systems to navigate claims, they may not have the capital to compete in marketing against larger companies. Independent insurance agents can assist with locating quotes for affordable policies that have the same quality as the large well known national carriers.

In 2008 the population of Florida was a little over 19 million. According to statistics approximately over 18 million of the population of Florida is covered by health insurance, leaving a large percent of the population uncovered and the majority of those covered are using insurance other than Medicaid/Medicare.
Assurant Health, Celtic, Clarendon National, Foundation Health, Golden Rule, and Vista Health plan of South Florida are also featured health insurance carriers in the State. Some not as well known as others but all provide a unique health care package depending on the medical needs of the individuals shopping for coverage.

There are 295 hospital systems in the state of Florida, each offering medical and emergency services. Hospitals and insurance carriers are regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance and Department of Health. Each works together and abides by the strict set of regulatory guidelines set by the state. Although each is similar in regulatory systems, all hospitals and medical coverage strives to be unique customer service, assistance with claims and billing information and specialty needs.

Deciding on any medical care is it a hospital or medical coverage is a major decision. Florida with is vast population has much to choose from in terms of unique medical coverage and care. Researching the options available in your location is the first step to obtain the best information about the health insurance packages and hospital coverage that works for your specific needs.