California’s health care system is suffering from some of the the same setbacks that many states are facing in regards to the health care industry. Nationally, health care costs approximately $7,421 per person, and Californians are having a difficult time affording health care.

In California, health insurance premiums have continued to rise dramatically, which not only affects the uninsured, but the the insured as well. The continued rise in premiums has caused many Californians to lose their coverage due to financial difficulties, and those who are uninsured have little chance of being able to afford coverage in the future. It is shocking that insurance premiums in California have risen 86% in the past five to seven years, which has surpassed the inflation rate. At the present rate, health care will be affordable to a smaller segment of the California population each year. The state of the California health care system is a major area of concern for state officials and the citizens of California.

Some of the companies that provide health insurance in the state of California are: California Physicians Service, which provides top rated customer service and has positive feedback from customers concerning their experiences with the company. Community Health Group provides quality customer service, but the customer experiences have been rated as marginal at best. Blue Cross of California has an excellent customer service rating, and customer experiences have been excellent as well. The Chinese Community Health Plan has an extensive program designed for the Asian community, and its special needs. This health care provider serves a large client base and generally receives excellent ratings in both customer service and customer experience feedback.

The hospital system in California continues to receive high marks from patients, as well as the staff who are employed at the facilities. The costs of care in the hospital system can be rated as marginal in comparison with hospitals nationwide. The California hospital system is extensive, and usually has the facilities to accommodate its patients in the comfort expected of class A facilities. California’s hospital system is under considerable pressure due to the continuousely expanding population of the state, and continues to upgrade to meet these challenges.