A personal story from one of our customers in Arizona:

“Recently I found that health insurance in Arizona is pretty complicated. It is difficult to get check ups and be treated in the emergency room unless you have money or the co-payment due at the time of service. As where in California there are many programs and no matter what your economic situation you will be treated in case of an emergency. Of course you receive a huge bill, but there are ways of cutting the bill down or even eliminating it.

A friend in Arizona told me about her son needing emergency care and since she didn’t have her co-payment of one hundred and twenty-five dollars. They did not treat her son (5) who was burning up with fever. I mean how ungenerous are we really. I mean we the human race. There are some things we all need to be in favor of. Health insurance is a great issue in the United States. Everything is about money now, no compassion. I mean don’t doctor’s take an oath to help the sick etc. Here in California there are free clinics everywhere and I know it costs money, government money. It is done somehow, can’t it be done in all states. Maybe somehow they can develop a volunteer system at designated clinics where healthcare professionals donate their time to help the needy or those that can afford insurance at the moment. There have been so many trajedies due to this conflict.

I just don’t understand how the medical staff anywhere can turn down a child from getting medical attention. We need to really be the “United States” and unite on what is important for all human kind. I’m sure the new President of the United States is dealing with it all, but the voice of the people should really come together now for a better future for all. Health Insurance companies should do all they can do to ensure people get treated and establish a better reputation so that they can stay in business. If we become a nation with health insurance for all we will definitely set the example.”