Health insurance is something that every American man, woman, and child deserves and needs. In recent years however, the number of the uninsured has skyrocketed to new heights. Currently, there are an estimated 47 million Americans without coverage – and that number will continue to escalate.

According to a 2007 article in USA Today, those without health insurance aren’t just the poor, but people in all economic brackets. This makes this one of the biggest issues facing the United States of America. Affordable health insurance is a form of protection for families in many different ways, and it is a national epidemic when they can’t afford the needed coverage.

Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore released a documentary in 2007 called Sicko that addresses the issues. The film analyzes the highly profitable American health care industry, and reveals the massive corruption within. Ironically, it is found that even though the United States is the richest country in the world – Canada, France, and the UK all offer better forms of affordable health insurance to their civilians. In some cases, such as with Canada, health insurance was free.

Critics on both sides have long argued about why affordable or universal health care doesn’t exist in the U.S. Such discussions often lead back to the 1970’s when the Nixon administration advocated HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), and to the 1920’s when the Great Depression left many families uninsured. Most of the criticism, though, is about how greedy and corrupt American politicians have been for decades. Many even blame certain U.S. presidents, such as the Bush Administration, for spending billions on the Iraq War – but little to none on helping American families get affordable health insurance.

Whatever the reasons and whereever the finger should be pointed, the fact remains that health insurance should not be a luxury. It is a basic necessity that all are entitled to. Even more, its just as needed to survive as food and water. One of the worst situations for a person is to find themselves in, is the situation of needing health care, and not having it. Point blank: Having affordable health insurance provides a safety net, and peace of mind.

In The News:

Goal: Affordable Health Care for Everyone

Minnesota Star Tribune

A coalition representing 350,000 Minnesotans will launch a campaign to reshape the future of our state’s economy, its business climate, its schools and its workforce. The campaign has just one goal: to provide health coverage to every Minnesotan and reap the enormous long-term economic and social benefits that healthy citizens bring.

Obama’s Plan for American Healthcare

President-elect Barack Obama says that when it comes to health care reform, the American people are too often offered two extremes – government-run health care with higher taxes or letting the insurance companies operate without rules.

Governor Crist Invites Florida’s Uninsured to Consider Affordable Health Insurance Options

Suwannee Democrat

The new health insurance plans will make affordable, quality health insurance coverage and access to health care available to Florida’s 3.8 million uninsured applicants age 19 to 64, with four of the six carriers insuring children of applicants.

Proposes More Affordable Health Insurance Plans for Small Businesses


America’s Health Insurance Plans, an insurance trade organization, proposed in its new health care reform guidelines that small businesses receive government assistance in order to keep health insurance coverage affordable. Most small business owners often don’t have the resources to pay for extensive insurance coverage and renewal premiums.
AHIP’s suggestion is that the government provide financial assistance to subsidize or help cover some of these costs.

President Obama’s Plan For Affordable Health Insurance

There are 29 other countries with a higher life expectancy than Americans, and there are 38 who have lower rates of infant mortality. Even worse, almost 50 million Americans are without health care, and many others lack affordable health insurance. President-Elect Barack Obama not only has a vision of a nation without such disparities, but he has a three-fold plan to achieve these transformations.